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Backing up Staff Workstations

How do I check the status of ADSM backup?
How do I configure the ADSM Backup Scheduler Service on my Workstation?
How does ADSM Central backup work?


How can I reduce the amount of legitimate messages entering my "Tagged Spam" folder?
How do I join/leave a Library mailing list?
How do I send a message using a signature other than the default?
How do I send an attachment in Eudora?
How do I set my vacation message in e-mail?

General Workstation

How do I add users to a workstation?
How do I configure my notebook for wireless network access?
How do I obtain a network access for a guest or visitor?
How do I register a Library laptop for Wireless access or Ethernet roaming?
How should my IP Address settings look?
What steps do I need to do to take my departmental laptop on a business trip?
Where can I access a wireless network connection in the Library?
Where can I confirm that my notebook is registered for wireless access? (students only)

Meeting Maker

How do I get a Meeting Maker account?
How do I know what Meeting Maker server I should connect to?
What are the Meeting Maker server addresses?


How do I get a new staff member on the yulib mailing list?
How do I request a Mailman Mailing List?
Where is the ITS technology troubleshooting office for students now that CCL is closed?


How do I get an account on the library web server?

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