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The Image Finder database can be used for identifying, locating, and using image collections either at Yale or available through the Yale network. This central resource gathers descriptions of image collections (physical and virtual) and tools for image management. Some of the image collections included are available in an actual physical location some are available digitally (We will have an icon that will indicate which collections are digital). In addition to the image resources, this guide provides contact information for staff who can help you identify content, use image collections, and re-purpose images for your needs. Some of the resources here are restricted to Yale IP addresses.

It is possible to search the descriptive information contained in the Image Finder. Please note that you will not be searching the actual collections themselves, but descriptions about their content. It is hoped that in the future we will be able to search across the individual collections and return images.

Search the Image Finder collection descriptions:

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Yale subscribes to many electronic databases that contain images. The Library pays a fee to license these materials, therefore they are only available to those within the Yale community. If you are on campus, all these resources are available and free. From off-campus, eligible users can access these resources through the University proxy server. This will require authentication with your University netid and password.

There are ways to find images beyond image collections at Yale and digital image collections. There are many print resources that index images found in books. The World Painting Index, for instance, will guide you to books that contain color copies of the worlds most famous paintings. These print indexes also index sculpture, Time Magazine, Photography, and illustrations.

Facilities & Services for Students & Faculty: Once you have found image either in digital or analog form you may need equipment to re-purpose the images for your specific needs. Yale has many places where digital imaging, video editing, and media conversion resources are available.

Visual images may be found in Yale's rich collections (for example: books, magazines and journals, manuscripts, maps, photographs, paintings, prints and drawings), which are held by the Library, Museums, and special collection repositories on campus. Descriptions of materials within these collections may be found in Orbis, the Library Finding Aids (both online and on-site), the web site of the Museum and in other catalogs and databases within a repository. Some digitized images from these collections may be found in the Library's Insight database; other digitized images may be found on a repository's Web site.
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