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How do I register a Library laptop for Wireless access or Ethernet roaming?

WW&DCS can register Library laptops for use across campus on the Ethernet and Wireless networks. To do so, please send your WW&DCS contact the Ethernet Hardware Address for your Wireless and/or Wireless cards.

To get this information (Windows 2000/XP):
  • Click the Start Button. Select Run
  • Type cmd

  • The Command Prompt will appear
  • At the C:\ type
  • ipconfig /all
  • You will see the following (you may need to scroll to see both):

    For each network connection, you need to note the physical address (red arrow). Please send the IP address as well if this computer is already registered on the Yale network (white arrow). You can also find the IP address in the IP Finder application located on most workstations.

    Email this information to your WW&DCS contact.

    Both of your connections should be configured for DHCP. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact WW&DCS.

    Please note we do not support personal laptops and will not register them on the network.

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