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SML 512
Sterling Memorial Library

Steve DiSorbo

Sr. Systems Programmer

Library IT

My title is System Programmer, but I often say that I am an Unix Administrator. Although my education in Management Information Systems as a COBOL programmer and with previous employment positions including System Manger and DBA I am beginning to find that as I build systems, install and configure applications, create databases and code shell scripts to manage files or load database tables that maybe System Programmer more accurately describes what my role here at Yale for the Library.

Early in my career I worked as a consultant with a small group of folks where we sold an accounting solution for small business. It was a satisfying and rewarding experience; specify microcomputer hardware, install the O/S and establish a patch schedule, then install, configure and customize the MCBA accounting software. Some of the memorable customers include Fowler Produce (Hartford), Foam Dura Plastics (Stamford) and So Much Fun (Massachusetts). After the consulting gig I move into health insurance where my focus was to write interactive multiuser data entry programs and database reports. I coded for many years, but slowly moved from programming to System Manager and DBA. As the popularity of the proprietary microcomputer (HP3000) I was accustomed to working with faded I transitioned to Unix as a System Administrator where I managed a rather large Oracle data warehouse. At Yale my background in programming and the skills I learned and developed in system management and database administration serve me well to fulfill the duties a System Programmer.

Skills and Services:
Apache Tomcat, Fedora, Language: Italian (intermediate), Linux, Metalib, Oracle, SFX, Unix Shell Scripting (sh, ksh, bash)